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About Roll for Fitness - Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) Tampa Bay

Roll for Fitness Tampa is a private health and fitness training practice in the Tampa, FL area offering personalized assisted stretching, Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), and small group classes.

True fitness is about being physically strong, having optimal range of motion and fueling your body with proper nutrition. STRETCHING is the special expertise at Roll for Fitness in Tampa, FL. Once you start, stretching can become a positive force in your life.

Regular exercise routines and particularly rigorous ones require structured active recovery. Exercise physiologists understand this concept now more than ever. Without stretching there will be imbalances and asymmetries in the body. The effects of inflexibility are cumulative. Whether you are looking for stretching to add to your exercise routine or require help with an injury or illness, long term tightness of the muscles restrict the flexibility of the joints resulting in body fatigue.

The Roll for Fitness training incorporates Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and Yamuna® (pronounced Yah-Mu-Nah) Body Rolling (YBR). AIS is a form of Dynamic Stretching that works with connective tissue. When working with connective tissue we are able to increase range of motion. The Yamuna® Method incorporates the principles of yoga and massage, gravity and body weight resulting in tension release, creating a taller lengthened torso and experiencing more space in the body.

These techniques are known to be effective for individuals living with many diseases. Roll for Fitness has worked with people with Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and Parkinson disease.

Our objective is to help you enhance ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE (golfers, tri-athletes, tennis players and cyclists), overall WELLNESS, AND REDUCE PAIN associated with injuries, accidents and age.

Call Roll for Fitness today at 1-813-591-3016 to talk about specialized personal training using active isolated stretching and Yamuna® body rolling techniques.