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Tampa Active Isolated Stretching - Yamuna® Body Rolling - Tampa Personal Training - Benefits

Emily Stein, with Roll for Fitness - Tampa, can help you with:


Back Pain - Yamuna® Body Rolling routines stretch and elongate the spine making you feel taller, longer and leaner. Active Isolated GENTLE Stretching is a nurturing way to stretch the back. It allows muscles to lengthen gradually.

Sciatica - Sciatica is caused by tight glute (butt) muscles and tightness that can be released both through Yamuna® Body Rolling and Active Isolated Stretching.

Arthritis - Yamuna® Body Rolling can help reduce painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints. Active Isolated Stretching increases finger flexibility with various stretches and is effective for CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME.

Shoulder/Neck Pain - Emily Stein uses a combination of Yamuna® Body Rolling routines stimulating bone and tissue in the shoulder joint creating flexibility and space in the chest and shoulder area, coupled with Active Isolated Stretching. This works muscles in your shoulder and neck, creating more circulation and blood flow in those areas.

Knee Pain - A series of stretches is meant as an overall protocol for healthy knees. Some of the stretches access muscles that surround the hip as well.

Problems with your feet including PLANTAR FASCIITIS, BUNIONS AND MORTONS NUROMA:

There are several exercises that help to “wake up” different parts of the feet creating balance, strength, flexibility and movement from the heel to the ball of the foot and toes. The feet are on the most important part of our body and when you take care of your feet you take care of your entire body.

Body Rolling and Active Isolated Stretching will improve your body alignment, range of motion, flexibility, organ function, restrictions from old injuries, balance and core strength. Both modalities are effective for all ages and have a host of applications.

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