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Yamuna® Body Rolling & Table Treatment

Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR®) is a movement re-education system that teaches you to correct unhealthy movement patterns in your body. By learning anatomy-specific routines with specially-designed balls, YBR® teaches you how to realign your bones and massage your muscles and fascia. The ball acts as a hands-on practitioner by dislodging tension, restoring range of motion, and increasing flexibility. YBR® is appropriate for all physical ability levels.

The method was created by Yamuna® Zake in NYC. YBR helps to place your body in proper alignment. all while giving you a complete workout that increases your core strength and tones your muscles. Develop greater body awareness and joint mobility. Plus, you enjoy any activity with less injuries!

Meet your new weapon for success! (Because it Takes Balls to Get in Shape.) Having your own balls will allow us to go deeper and do more advanced work. Plus, you can then do Yamuna® at home, at the beach, anywhere, anytime you need sweet relief!

  • Relieve pain, tension, and restriction
  • Elongate muscles and decompress the spine
  • Increase flexibility and muscle tone
  • Relieves stress and promotes self-healing
  • Prevent injury and repetitive stress on joints and bones
  • Help with Sciatica and TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)

  • Similar to YBR, Yamuna® Table Treatment uses traction to release muscle and space in joints. The body part being worked on is molded around the ball and then tractioned. In this way you work both sides of the body since our body is 3 dimensional and the Yamuna® ball is the same. The pressure exerted by the ball into the muscle and connective tissue creates a deep release.

    What makes this one-hour treatment uniquely body-altering is the leverage allowed by performing the work on the table, which provides additional range of motion benefits and traction techniques. Using the ball as a fulcrum within the body’s joints, the trained practitioner uses the hands as traction on one side and the ball on the other, giving the client a treatment on both sides of the body simultaneously.

    Special attention is given in the table treatment to the key joints in the body that tend to become restricted for various reasons such as improper alignment and arthritis. The hips, the knees, the ankles, the shoulders and even the feet are given joint space through this technique to increase in range of motion, reduce friction and eliminate discomfort.

    YTT is beneficial for:
  • Mobilizing and decompressing joints
  • Elongating muscle
  • Improving alignment
  • Deeply releasing fascia
  • Stimulating bone
  • Improving one’s body awareness

  • Foam Rolling vs. Yamuna® Body Rolling:
    Which is better for You?

    Learn more about how foam rolling and body rolling are similar and different.

    Foam rolling has gained popularity in the current culture of exercise. It is a common sight in gyms and is used for tight IT Bands, Gluteals, Quads and Hamstrings. There is another rolling technique that has been around for over two decades. It is called Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR®). So the question is “Which body rolling technique benefits your body the most?”

    Compare and Contrast
    Rolling on a foam roller and rolling on a Yamuna® ball are both body rolling techniques. They are similar in that they each use body weight on an object to connect with the underlying tissues of the body.

    Foam rollers are cylindrical, therefore they work in a linear manner. Many foam rollers are made of dense, hard foam with little to no “give.”  Anyone who has tried a foam roller knows that they can be very painful. It fits in well with the “no pain, no gain” exercise philosophy.  If the pressure from the foam roller is too intense, pain is perceived and the body reflexively tenses up. This makes it very difficult to relax the muscle in order to create positive change and correction.

    Often times you will see people rolling up and down, up and down on a foam roller…mashing their tissues into the deeper structures of the body. This up and down rolling actually confuses the body.  If you have had a good massage, you know that even deep tissue work is done generally in one direction. This is to say it is performed with careful intent, not randomly.

    Unlike a hard, cylindrical foam roller, Yamuna® balls are round and come in a variety of sizes and densities to accommodate different areas of the body.  Our bodies are 3-dimensional. In like manner, the inherent shape of a ball lends itself to detailed body work. As a result, the ball connects with more of the body.  Thus, it is able to make positive changes more efficiently and with less pain. In addition, YBR® uses simple, but specific routines, so that both you (and your body) are less confused about what you are trying to accomplish.

    Yamuna® Body Rolling follows the Logic of the Body
    From Origin to Insertion:
    The philosophy of Yamuna® Body Rolling is to respect the logic of the body.  Easy to learn routines follow the path of a muscle, from origin to insertion (from where the muscle starts to where it ends.) We roll and iron out the muscle, starting at the (origin) bone, through the tendon, the belly of the muscle, the ending tendon to the connecting (insertion) bone. Starting at the tendinous insertion of a muscle at the bone and working through the muscle in this manner is key to releasing the vice grip of a tight muscle. Another aspect of the natural order of the body is to start with larger muscle groups and work toward the smaller ones.  We also work superficially first, and then on to deeper structures. Working in this manner follows the natural logic and order of the body.

    Bone Stimulation
    It is well known that weight bearing improves bone quality. Bone stimulation is a key point with Yamuna® Body Rolling. Yamuna® Zake, creator of the YBR® technique explains, “Sinking in towards the bone helps to take the impact out of the bone.”

    Our bones are 3-dimensional.  A foam roller can make contact with only a slight area of the bone because of its cylindrical shape and linear movement. In comparison, a Yamuna® ball can work deeply into the joint at multiple points on the bone.

    For example, the ischial tuberosity, or “sit bone” is the bone where the hamstrings and the adductor magnus muscle attach. The round shape of the ball allows work at multiple angles and points on the bone.

    Please watch the video on this page to see a Yamuna® Body Rolling routine that Yamuna® teaches to illustrate this concept.

    Modifications to Accommodate Different Sensitivity Levels
    Everyone has a different sensitivities as to how much pressure their nervous system can tolerate on their bones and tissues.  The variety of sizes and densities of the balls gives the user a choice on what is best for their individual body. In addition, the Yamuna® balls have valves which allow the balls to be deflated to accommodate extra tender areas.

    Much like the gifted hand of the manual therapist, the ball sinks into the tissues of the body. The Yamuna® balls have just the right amount of “give” and “give back” to allow the body to comfortably sink into the ball, thus allowing for muscular release.

    Working with a certified Yamuna® practitioner is helpful to learn adjustments to routines that allow you to work less (or more!) deeply into your body.  With Yamuna® Body Rolling you are in complete control of how your work on yourself.

    Yamuna® balls deflate and are easy to pack in your carry-on luggage.

    Yamuna® Balls are portable.  Most of the Yamuna® balls can be fully deflated using the Yamuna® Pump for packing when traveling. The balls that can be deflated include the gold, silver, and pearl Yamuna® balls.

    The smaller, black (calf) balls can turn a lengthy car or plane ride into a treatment session.  Using the weight of the body against the seat back, you can work up the spine with the two black Yamuna® balls.

    Detailed Work on the Both sides of the Spine
    Keeping the spine flexible is key to aging well, no matter what decade of life that you are in.  Who doesn’t enjoy a back massage?  As shown below, working up both sides of the spine from the base of the sacrum up to the neck can be done with detail using the Yamuna® ball. This is done on one side and then the other.
    Ease back discomfort by rolling up both sides of the spine.

    Bringing Length to the Front of the Body
    A very unique aspect of the Yamuna® Body Rolling technique is the ability to work the front of the body.  Releasing pressure from the Yamuna® ball helps when working in the abdomen to connect with the abdominal muscles and deep hip flexors. When done correctly with a ball, stimulation of the pubic bone can have a positive effect on the sacroiliac joints on the back of the body.

    Addresses All Sides of the Neck
    The neck can be worked from many angles to affect the muscles in the front, sides and back. Uniquely, the Yamuna® pearl ball works wonderfully for this area.

    Face Balls to Work on the Face
    Lastly, the Face balls can be used to work the muscles and bones of the face to help release repetitive tension patterns such as furrowing your brow, wrinkling your forehead, or clenching your jaw. Because of the soft and pliable texture of this ball, it is perfect for the delicate tissues of the face. Working the bones of the face can help with eye tension, sinus pressure, TMJ discomfort, headaches, and premature wrinkles.

    Yamuna® Body Rolling Benefits the Body
    In summary, Yamuna® balls have some important qualities as compared to foam rollers:

    BODY LOGICAL: Yamuna® Body Rolling routines work with the logical order of your anatomy.
    YOU ARE IN CONTROL: Modifications, such as adjusting the pressure in the ball or working on a soft surface, brings an option for those with more tissue sensitivity.
    PORTABLE: These therapy balls can be fully deflated so they are portable and fit easily in one’s suitcase when traveling.
    BENEFITS THE BODY: Yamuna® Body Rolling routines benefit the body in many ways.

    Whether you are looking for a body rolling technique to heal from an injury, joint aches and pains, as well as post workout soreness, the Yamuna® balls and Yamuna® Body Rolling technique excel in their attributes as compared to the foam rollers.

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